Friday, 13 July 2007


Eric walks in and grabs a coffee on the way.
“Morning” he says to me and Nige while he’s by us.
“How are you?”
“It’s Friday, it can’t be bad.”
“Oh, it’s your last day today.”

I didn’t know Eric was having any holiday.
“What? Your last day?”
“Yes. Not my last day ever, I’m on holiday next week.”
“Where you going, anywhere nice?”
“Where about in Wales?”
Jason has half heard the conversation from down the office.
“Where did you say? Weymouth?”
“Yes, Weymouth.”
“I’m going there…(thinks)…late September.”
“Thank god for that. I thought you were going to say next week.”
“Cheeky $!**%&*!*£.”

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