Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Missing Neil/ Dan on the mend

Since last Monday, when he turned up pissed and late and got sent home, Neil has not turned up for work or been in contact to phone in sick. He was under disciplinary procedures anyway, I imagine that if he does turn up, he’ll be out on his ear. This is quite sad because he was a good worker when he did turn up. Not like Clive who gets away with murder, then when he does submit any work it all needs re-doing. He’s got to be the next on discipline.

I also texted Dan yesterday to ask how he was getting on. He’s had plenty of visitors and his mates have kept him happy with more DVDs and stuff. His arm is painful, but he’s started physio and they reckon he’s doing okay. He was surprised about Neil going AWOL again. He asked is I hadn’t tried phoning him. I thought that it wasn’t really my place to ring. There’s obviously some weird stuff going on in Neil’s life, which I don’t really want to get drawn into. Surely the boss has got contact details for him and they should be talking to him to find out what the problem is, if they’re bothered.

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