Monday, 9 July 2007

Flashback to Monday 5th December – Jen’s dropped on her head story (as promised)

“Morning Jen” Steve said shocked
“Morning Steve” said Jen.
“Strange to see you here at this time in the morning”
“It’s only ten minutes earlier than normal.”
“How come you’re in early?”
“Just woke up early and got up. Have you had a nice weekend?”
“I had a lovely weekend, including coming in here yesterday.” Steve said sarcastically.
“How about yourself, did you get pissed Saturday night?”
“Friday night, actually. I had a great time … until it turned disastrous.””Why what happened?””Someone dropped me on my head.”
Steve couldn’t help but smile.
“How do you mean?”
“Well we went to see this band Friday night.”
“…and you were stage-diving?”
“No. We all went to see this band. Then afterwards there was a bit of a fight outside. Then after that had all died down Mozza, one of my friends came running at me and picked my up, like a fireman’s lift, and started to spin me round. I was all “stop, put me down” then he tripped off the herb and fell over and I landed on my head.”
“Any damage?”
“It hurt like hell at the time.”
“Any permanent damage?”
“I hope not.”
“How will we be able to tell?”

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