Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The boss

The boss is a lot more casual today, tee-shirt jeans and bomber jacket. I don’t know what he’s getting up to.
Anyway, another section down the office have a new starter who he’s been keeping a keen eye on, to se if she’s any good or a no hoper (we have our quota of no hopers at the moment). He held up the one document she’d been working on yesterday looking very impressed.
“Look at that, that’s great.”
Then looking over at us, because Clive, Nige, Neil and Andy are all out this week, we are next in his line of vision.
“You don’t get that standard of work out of Clive do you? Have we got any vacancies on your team? Is there anyone we can get rid of?” (jokingly)
“Shall we put some names into a hat?” I ask him. (All in jest, but in reality I wouldn’t mind)

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