Monday, 2 July 2007

New look boss

The boss walks in with, what looks like, a new suit with a proper umbrella (not one of those that folds up and can fit in your bag). He stands at the coffee machine looking like a tax man. Usually he’ll shout “good morning” over to anyone who looks up, but this morning he’s not looking around for eye contact. For a change I initiate the “good mornings”.
“Where were you yesterday?” he asks half heartedly. (Knowing I wasn’t planning to work Sunday). I just grin. Then I start the offensive:
“You’re looking very smart.”
“I’m on a mission”, he says cryptically. (Later, Karen tells me she thinks this means he’s on the pull)
“With the umbrella and the suit you look like Steed from the Avengers.”
“I can go home for this shit.” He says as he walks off up the office with his coffee and his brolly.

As he goes up the office Jim shouts “Having a go at you already? It’s not fair is it?"


Anonymous said...

What did the boss do when Neil turned up after being AWOL?

Carla said...

Who's the boss trying to impress?
Is he expecting you all to smarten up?
Is the big umbrella just for the rain, or is he going to attack Neil with it?